In presence of fall
No smoke and mirrors
A clue to my sense of sight
Beside perishability
The second wind
A piece of past presence
A nice daydream with death
The intention of the fragile and withdrawn
A quieter silence
The origin of flight
A different excuse
From dust to dawn
A higher purpose on a lower surface
A new kind of agreement
Another story
The hidden agenda
Trancendental tango
Time was here
A hymn in memory of nature
Finding a reason
Summer eyes
Dream phase
To be aware
The soft reality
Surprise yourself
Irreversible act
Mystery in the green
Peephole in the pink sky
When we are invisible
The lonesome cloud
Life´s melodies
Above the noise of survival
Gone forever
When your daily adventure is lost
Dog breakfast
New level
Jolly days
In love with a dangerous feeling
Cat vision
Magic of flesh
 In a false paradise
Same old city
An eating mystery
We all belong to the eternal sleep
Gold rush in the wasteland
Social life
Days are dressed like memories
A cold entity
The horseman
Rain again
State of flux
Timeless land
Nothing is static
The beginning
Sweet headache
Death smiled and dreams died
Modern politics
Final view
Broken part
Highway heart
Dive deep
Red dreams
Sunday life
Past is past
 Portrait in NYC on the rooftop of 240 E 2nd street with long gone twin towers in the background. Epic 1998.  Photo by: Ania Drazal
 PBN art on the design top chart of Swedish interior magazine Residence in May 2015. 
 A reproduction of the painting Dive deep, signed and limited, raw on the floor waiting to be framed. On this picture to be tested, sampled and matched out with some interior design details.
 The painting, Death smiled and dreams died on the wall of a confidential home. Interior design by Brigitta Örne Pihl.
 Alta Candere Nr.1    Numbered and signed giclée art print $300
 Vernissage invitation photo.
 Edsvikens konsthall 2015
  Edsvikens konsthall 2015
 Foko Art To Go, Stockholm 2015
  Foko Art To Go, Stockholm   2015
 Modern politics by Petrus Bergstrand with an exclusive excelsior frame in Miami 2015.
 Preparing show in Miami 2015.
 The artist in person. September 2016.
 Lot´s of walking and looking at Art Basel Miami Beach 2015.
 Number 2 on the Swedish interior magazine Residence´s wishlist for christmas 2015.  A flattering  surprise for a struggling artist like me.
 Gallery 212 Miami, Art Wynwood 2016. Opening reception. Cash is still king...
 Stockholm 2017.11.20  A different portrait of me in progress in my studio...   
 The opening reception invitation to my solo show " Days are dressed like memories" 16-31 September 2016. A nice memory...
 Days are dressed like memories 2016.09.17, vernissage action part 2.
 A shot before the opening reception for my latest solo show, Days are dressed like memories at Grev Magnigatan 6, September 16th - September 30th. Stockholm, Sweden.  Watch in motion…
 Days are dressed like memories 2016.09.17, vernissage action part 1.
 Le Studio 5… When your daily adventure is lost 2018
Fall show 2017 - The soft reality
 The soft reality Jakobs torg 3 2017
 The soft reality Jakobs torg 3 2017
 The soft reality Jakobs torg 3 2017
 The other art fair Los Angeles 2018 at the Barker hangar, Santa Monica.  Film clip…
 Saatchi art curator in deep consideration…
 Aqua art in Miami 2018.   Watch film clip…
 Live Painting at the AAF 2019 Stockholm with Singulart France.  Watch film clip…
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